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Marketing Kit: UTM Builder
Marketing Kit: User Facing Wireframe
Marketing Kit: Relational Tables
Marketing Kit: Information Design
Marketing Kit: Sub Form Controls

Project Details

I worked as the lead developer on a prototype for a set of user facing marketing kits; the need was to convey the branding assets we made for our Affinity Clients, and those clients's clients, as well as providing them a tool for properly tracking the digital assets via utm variables. These applications were only accessible behind a log in, which would then dynamically show the most current ads for that client, a download button, and any other additional information about linking or placement needing to be conveyed to the client.

Additionally, there would be an admin back end available for internal use to manage the administration of content, as well as utm variable creation for copywriters who were not as familiar with how they should be linking content. This had a series of permission fields set up in relational databases; it allowed new kinds of tracking to be added, and permissions set per client so no client could set up tracking to channels they weren't using.

All of the digital content would then be using correctly tracked sources, thus improving the data submitted to our Marketing Dashboard.

Pearl Insurance, APSIT
Job Title 
Lead Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer

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