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Winner of 2015 Bronze PiMA Award in New Media

The Self Server User Portals are websites that have product pages and in-house developed modules to extend the functionality for users. This includes managing their policies and policy changes, as well as for the staff members to manage these changes. Additionally, it has functionality to track reports, mailings, and analytics by our staff and the staff of each unique association on their unique service portal.Many also have two additional custom sub-portals; one that is a secure online payment portal, and another to guide users through open healthcare enrollment periods.

When we decided to migrate our Self-Service Portals to a clustered server environment and upgrade our DNN instances, I took the opportunity to build a unified template framework for our Affinity Clients to standardize our framework between portals. Built on Bootstrap 3, each portal uses the same base theme files while pulling in unique style sheets and JavaScript files; this set up allows us to brand each client independently while minimizing the amount of time spent on specific cross-browser testing, device testing, and other user acceptance tests. This custom theme framework has the use of jQuery for progressive enhancement when available but graceful degradation for browsers all the way back to IE 7.

I worked extensively on the creation unique user experience for each association on top of this new framework. For each portal, I worked directly with our internal graphic designers or with our client's brand standards to create a site that worked within our larger marketing efforts and brand building for our clients. I also with the back-end developers who created the modules to provide a consistent, semantic, and responsive interface. Additionally, I created the documentation for all our changes and additions to the staff managing the portals, and provided internal training to other internal web designers, back-end developers as well as to the staff whom would use the portals as part of their customer service tasks.

Job Title 
Lead Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer

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