Chairman's Club 2013

Chairman's Club Start Screen
Chairman's Club Internal Screens
Chairman's Club Internal Screens

Project Details

This is a mobile web applications developed in 24 hours, using the jQuery Mobile UI library, for our internal sales team yearly training retreat. It included six main application screens, multiple type of navigation, and a way to download for offline browsing; the application was used by all the attendees which included the sales team, c-level executives, our partnership carriers, and their guests.

In 2013, Chairman's Club was traveling to Mexico, which provided some problems with the usual methods of traditional print marketing for the traveling parties. Taking the pre-existing campaign pieces, a web application was developed that would house all of the important contact and scheduling information that might be needed during the trip, everything from the itineraries, to contact information, to airport instructions. Additionally, there was an email blast sent out with instructions to the attendees on how to create quick access to the application on each persons' phone.

This project became a template for other internal marketing campaigns. It was modified for other Chairman's Club trips, as well as being the back bone for a similar web application developed for Pearl Insurance's 60th Anniversary Celebration.

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