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Project Details

GoHealth partnered with Pearl Insurance to offer marketplace options to individuals and associations. My part in this roll out was two fold; first, I created the user interface for a custom in house built module that integrated with our CMS, databases, and passed on the information into our GoHealth portal. First, I created the basic HTML prototype of the module, which basically a form that includes all the mark-up it would need to fit our branding and compatibility standards. That was sent directly to our in-house developers who used it to develop the module around it.  Once the module was functioning and installed on our test platforms, I performed performance, browser, and device testing on it.

Secondly, I developed and implemented custom branded email campaigns that drove users to these modules to sign up for health insurance within the open enrollment periods. Once the module had finished development, integrated digital campaigns were set up for both our in-house efforts, and the efforts of three of our Affinity clients. All of these efforts had to be mobile-friendly and accurately capture and pass on data between steps, as we used the results to focus our efforts during the enrollment window. After launch, we targeted four main demographics and followed up with each group four times, sending out about 150,000 emails on each send and driving them to buy online.

Job Title 
Lead Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer

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