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I was the lead developer on transitioning our prior analogue and SharePoint job initiations to a singular digital form that could be automatically integrated and initiate jobs for those cards within Trello, a Kanban project management platform for our Marketing department.

The form allows a user to set up a job, provide demographics and other job goals, add unique pieces for the entire campaign, give use due dates for the project, and upon completion will send the user a receipt; it will send the data through an email to a Zapier zap which will create a formatted Trello card for our department to use during the project. This includes pre-filling due dates, creating checklists for campaigns, identifying the data that wasn't filled out on the form, and preparing it for a project manager to review it. The data is also saved into databases which generate a job number automatically to reference the job internally.

It also has a specific view set up for project managers that allows them to initiating the job to access the Trello API more directly and add additional information such as whom is working on the project, the labels, and what list it goes into.

Additionally, I set up our Work Boards and the flow of how the work went through the department. I also provided training on how to use the form, as well as Trello, to help improve our processes and help the transition away from SharePoint and paper-based job initiations.

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