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Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, I am Front End Web Developer and UI/UX Designer currently living in Seattle, Washington. As a digital marketer, focusing on the needs of end user is my first priority. My personal goal is to make beautiful, usable products that are both delightful and functional. Whether that means diving deep into databases and programming languages, or designing user interfaces and branding standards, I work to provide measurable improvements in my user's online experiences, and hopefully, their actual lives.

To make work impacts every day life, one has to also feed their every day life. When I'm not trying to learn more cross-functional disciplines related to my field, you will probably find me working on improving my Japanese fluency, perfecting my sun salutation, or sorting through a truly embarrassing amount of nail polish.


  • City of Bellevue, WA

    2016 - Present
    Digital Government Program Manager & Design Team Lead

    Lead a team of web developers and visual/graphic designers to create omnichannel, branded experiences for residents for clients across the city. Developed strategies, policies, style guides, roadmaps, and workplans to improve the resident experiences and move the city forward into using future technology and human centered design approaches. Migrated the city website into Drupal and piloted enterprise-level Salesforce in the city.

  • Application Developer & UX Designer

    Created and implemented city-wide digital branding, semantic code, usability, and accessibility (ADA) standards. Developed user interfaces for enterprise level solutions on SharePoint, Drupal, and custom applications. Devised employee workplans, project management schedules, internal documentation, and first ever city style guide.

  • Pearl Companies

    2012 - 2015
    Senior Front End Developer & UI Designer

    Created company-wide digital branding, semantic code, and usability standards. Concurrently developed functional user interfaces for custom .Net, MVC, ColdFusion and JavaScript based applications for enterprise level solutions. Designed project management plans, internal documentation and templates for themes, emails, and eCommerce platforms.

  • Front End Developer & UI Designer

    Produced digital campaigns, user interfaces (including for e-commerce), usability standards, and branding guidelines for both the Pearl Companies and their clients. Developed internal and external facing websites, user portals, email marketing pieces, and web applications for television and mobile devices.

  • Web Presence Developer

    Developed internal and external facing responsive websites as well as web applications for televisions. Designed the user interface for a custom in house developed e-commerce solution.

  • Freelancer

    2005 - Present
    Digital Marketer & Full Stack Web Developer

    From creating brand standards to converting pages between programming languages, as freelance digital marketer, and full stack web developer.

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